About Spray Tanning

Get your perfect golden glow from one of our certified technicians.

DHA is a simple sugar derivative and is nontoxic. It is 100% safe and has been around since 1920. It has been recognized by the FDA as being safe since the 1970s and has been used in foods, hospitals, and many bronzing products.  When sprayed on the skin, it is absorbed to the keratin proteins and is then activated by the body's heat. A chemical reaction occurs, referred to as "Mallard Reactions," which changes the color of the skin to the resemblance of a sun tan.


Prepare for your appointment

The night before your appointment, shower and exfoliate your skin, then moisturize. Exfoliation is the key to receiving the best color from an airbrush tan. Shave or wax legs. There are different shades to choose from so start thinking about how dark you'd like to be.

Come to the appointment with makeup removed and no deodorant/perfumes applied. Do not moisturize the day of your session. Moisturizer will keep the solution from soaking into your skin. Wear baggy clothing and flip flops if at all possible.

Tips and Tricks:

Do not:

-Shower or get wet before the time frame specified by your technician

-Add any cosmetic over your spray tan

-Wear tight/restrictive/scratch clothing or footwear

Sweat & perspiration will cause streaks.

Raindrops & snowflakes will cause spots and stripes.


-Do not soak in water or take long showers.

-Rinse off your body, washing the pertinent areas.

-Pat skin dry with towel, don't rub.

-Apply moisturizer heavily. This cuts down exfoliation.

Full Body $25

Half Body $15

      Upper or lower from the waist

VIP $48/month

      Unlimited spray tans per month

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